Written by

Casey Gameson

As Golf Awareness Month has now come to an end, we hope that we have helped you have a better understanding of this fantastic sport. We have given you all the¬†benefits¬†and reasons to take up¬†golf so we thought it’s only right to give you some top tips to start your golfing journey in the right direction. Golf can seem a complicated sport if you’re not sure of the terminology, etiquette or rules.

We have put together a question and answer session with Katy Edwards, our PGA Professional, highlighting some of the key questions you would ask if you were new to golf.


Golf etiquette is that the following should be adhered to: collared polo shirt, shorts or slacks, golf shoes, a belt, socks, hat or cap. The Pro- Shop located in our Winners Bar stocks all of the items needed for your first round of golf.

Everyone has a different opinion on this, everyone can play it, despite their ability. However, as with all sports, the more practice and dedication shown the easier it becomes.

The speed of a round of golf depends on the skill of the player, the traffic of the course, the size of the course, the size of the group and the mode of moving around the course. Golfing 18 holes averages around four hours for a foursome of average players but some courses have 2 loops of 9 so you don’t have to play 18 holes every time. We also have buggies and trolleys available to hire that will assist you during your round.

There’s no set requirement, just yourself and enthusiasm. Lessons can be as part of a group coaching programme or individual lessons.

Up to 14 golf clubs, snacks, drinks, waterproofs as we are in Wales, golf balls, umbrellas, and a tub of pick and mix for those with a sweet tooth. Don’t worry if you do forget anything as our pro shop and winners bar have a variety of golfing accessories and food and beverage for you to enjoy whilst on your round.

No, golf balls come in a variety of colours, however, all golf balls are the same shape and size, and the weight must be less than 1.62oz. Golf balls range from pennies to pounds in price, and if hit too many times will get worn out!

Something that very rarely happens in golf. Albatross is another term for a double eagle or 3-under par on any one hole.

As a typical round of golf takes 4 hours there is plenty of time to chat (at the right time). As a general rule, no talking while someone is playing a shot and be aware of other groups that may be within earshot.

You can play on your own, however, the maximum is 4 players at a time teeing off together. This is called a 4 ball and is the most popular way of playing, as well as the most sociable. We have several teams at Bryn Meadows, once your game develops you will find joining one of the teams very beneficial and a great social activity. In fact, we welcome over 100 golf society days to our course and more than 50 overnight golf breaks each year, so you really will find it a great social sport.

You can start playing as soon as you can walk, however the minimum age for coaching is 4 years. At this age we feel that they are able to listen and follow instructions, they can then join our first swing academy. A fun fact for you is the oldest PGA Professional is 104, so the sky really is the limit!

Our first swing academy course is ideal for families. We also offer coaching programmes for all levels of abilities, as well as a ladies coaching programme so that as a family you can spend time together as well as get fit.

As with all sporting activities, it can be as expensive or inexpensive as you make it. A round of golf can start at £20.00 per round or you can sign up for a coaching programme at £20.00 per month, which will include a 1-hour lesson per week with a PGA Professional group session.

There are three main types of golf courses. These are Links, Parkland and Desert. Bryn Meadows is a Parkland course. A parkland course is one that is lushly manicured with verdant fairways and fast greens, with plenty of trees, and typically located inland.

Each course has a number of shots allocated, your handicap is the amount over this allocated shot you are allowed. Therefore Bryn Meadows Golf course has a total allocation of 72 shots (the number of shots needed to complete each hole perfectly) therefore if your handicap is 12 you are allowed a total of 84 shots to complete our course. The pros teach the coaching groups that honesty is the first rule of playing golf as counting the correct number of shots and being honest about how many shots you have taken at each hole is vital to develop your game.

You can carry a maximum of 14 clubs at one time, this is made up of woods, iron and hybrids. When you first start golfing you will start with the putting and chipping clubs to learn the basic skills, however, you will then build up from there. All of the clubs have their own benefit and do different things, each golfer is encouraged to tailor their bag to themselves and their ability and skill level. Our pro shop stock a variety of clubs and can direct you when looking for your perfect club

There are a number of things you can do after a round of golf, however, we always encourage firstly ‚Äėrehydrating‚Äô.

Our Winners Bar is the perfect place to have a drink after a long round, they also sell a selection of, pies, pasties, paninis and sandwiches to eat in or take away. Some people like to book a spa day for after their round of golf to relax and rest those tired muscles. Others decide to get more practice in before their next round and book a session on our GC Quad Golf Simulator, this allows you to analyse your swing and highlight any areas were improvement is needed. Alternatively you can book a golf lesson with one of our PGA professionals, this is the best way to improve your game and get the tips and advice to make sure your next round of golf on our award winning course with be even better.

If you are interested in becoming a golf member or being a part of our coaching programme here at Bryn Meadows Golf Hotel and Spa please contact Natasha, Katy or any one of our pro shop team on pro-shop@brynmeadows.co.uk. We hope to see you on our golf course soon!